"To change the generational cycle of sickness, and the diminishing expression of the human spirit."

Dr. Aplin's Declaration of Intent

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We’re committed to changing the generational cycle of sickness and that’s why we created the Invest In What Matters program. With this program, we want to invest in you, your family and your friends.

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Information is power, and Dr. Aplin wants to give you the power to take back your life by improving your health through his life-changing podcast, BrainStim. Giving you knowledge and practical tips to chew on throughout your day, Dr. Aplin’s team-based approach will bring a refreshing take on health. Featuring a variety of health and wellness experts, he provides multiple perspectives on how to achieve a natural balance in your life with energy and vitality. So dive in headfirst and get ready to be motivated and inspired back to true health.

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