081: Guided Imagery

Have you heard of the power of guided imagery? We’ll break down the elements of guided imagery that can heal and how you can apply it to your current physical needs.

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080: Alzheimer’s

Most of know someone that is effected by Alzheimer’s and it’s symptoms. Not only can this information help inform on this wide-spread state but it will help you be aware of what to look for and what is to come.

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079: Cultural Redefinitions

Your everyday life is affected by your emotions, actions and events. Listen as we detail the effects of PTSD and other symptoms that we can go through.

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078: Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is an intensive cure that can alieve chronic pains and other physical sufferings. Listen as we detail the many functions of Milk Thistle for the body.

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077: Diets

Ever wonder how your everyday diet can affect your overall health and physical state? We break down the importance of your food choices and how it relates to your physical issues.

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076: Two Important Nutrients

Out of all the recommended nutrients, these two are the most important and vital to your everyday health. We’ll explain the ins and outs of why you need to implement these nutrients into your day to day routine.

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075: How to Handle Holiday Stress

How badly are you feeling the countdown to Christmas? The holiday season brings a lot of joy but also A LOT of stress. So how do we handle all the madness and keep our health in line? Take a listen to this episode and let us help you prep for the holidays!

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074: More Vaccine Truth

Are we really surprised more information about how AWFUL vaccines are has come out? There's so much good information in this episode that unfortunately, many people either have never been told or aren't open to. It's time to OPEN OUR EYES and learn more about the truth on vaccines. Download this episode

073: The Pendulum Swings

Conventional medicine is being advertised with so much emotion instead of stating SCIENTIFIC FACTS! We've been viewing things backwards. We're sharing a very interesting article that just proves when they have something to sell a.k.a drugs and surgeries, they will create a market for it! Download this episode