075: How to Handle Holiday Stress

How badly are you feeling the countdown to Christmas? The holiday season brings a lot of joy but also A LOT of stress. So how do we handle all the madness and keep our health in line? Take a listen to this episode and let us help you prep for the holidays!

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074: More Vaccine Truth

Are we really surprised more information about how AWFUL vaccines are has come out? There's so much good information in this episode that unfortunately, many people either have never been told or aren't open to. It's time to OPEN OUR EYES and learn more about the truth on vaccines. Download this episode

073: The Pendulum Swings

Conventional medicine is being advertised with so much emotion instead of stating SCIENTIFIC FACTS! We've been viewing things backwards. We're sharing a very interesting article that just proves when they have something to sell a.k.a drugs and surgeries, they will create a market for it! Download this episode

071: PPI’s and Your Health

INFORMATION PACKED episode! We start off with nasty heartburn. We know it's very aggravating when it hits and we try everything to get rid of it. What is your body telling you when heartburn comes on? Then we jump into our breathing...is your technique correct? You'll be surprised with who we recommend to observe for the proper technique. Download this episode

070: Flu Shots and Treatment Mentality

Are you being tricked into thinking you NEED your flu shot this season? Here is a thought...let's evaluate the people that don't get sick instead of those who do get sick. What does our science study? Sick people. Why aren't we studying HEALTHY people? Where do you stand on this and why?

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068: Toxic Mold Syndrome

This episode of Bullpen Science is packed with information! Learn all about toxic mold syndrome and a very interesting study that was performed. Learn exactly how those who had a brain tap done were impacted. 

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067: The Tyranny of the Urgent

I'm sure you've heard about or have received the Gardasil vaccine. But have you heard of the new Gardasil 9? Yes, you read that right. Learn about it's dangers in this episode. 

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062: Invest in What Matters- Nutrition

The goal is to not treat disease but get in front of it! We need more control when it comes to our condition. We're being told we need paleo, keto, etc. Does it REALLY need to be that way?Take a listen to the impact of nutrition in this episode! Download this episode

061: Thank You Dr. A

No specific health topic on this quick episode. I just want to quickly take the time to thank you for listening to "Bullpen Science". We've recently rolled out a new email automation and the feedback has been nothing short of amazing! Download this episode