062: Invest in What Matters- Nutrition

The goal is to not treat disease but get in front of it! We need more control when it comes to our

061: Thank You Dr. A

No specific health topic on this quick episode. I just want to quickly take the time to thank yo

060: Invest in What Matters: Neurology

It's time to remember to look at what's causing a breakdown for you! It's the process that deter

059: Invest In What Matters- The Crew on Capacity

No one wants to witness what can happen to the body when our capacity falls too low. Having one

058: Invest in What Matters- When is Capacity Important

When does capacity become an issue? At what age? Learn some shocking stats about how early some

057: Invest in What Matters- What is Capacity?

Life goes on no matter what capacity you're at! Do you wonder how some people can do so much and

056: Invest in What Matters – Structure and Orthotics

This episode we're adding a short discussion from last weeks "pillows" episode. Then we transiti

055: Invest in What Matters- Pillows

What makes us different than most doctors is that we actually take the time to figure out what c

054: Distraction vs. Relaxation

This episode is some serious food for thought! Doing things you enjoy most likely actually isn't