060: Invest in What Matters: Neurology

It's time to remember to look at what's causing a breakdown for you! It's the process that determines the outcome. In this episode we'll be reviewing all things neurology and health! Download this episode

059: Invest In What Matters- The Crew on Capacity

No one wants to witness what can happen to the body when our capacity falls too low. Having one little health issue can lead to so much more! You might wonder what triggers certain health issues some days and not others but there are many factors that can play a part in your capacity. Download this episode

058: Invest in What Matters- When is Capacity Important

When does capacity become an issue? At what age? Learn some shocking stats about how early some children are at full capacity in this episode! Download this episode

057: Invest in What Matters- What is Capacity?

Life goes on no matter what capacity you're at! Do you wonder how some people can do so much and you just wonder how they do it? There's reasons for this such as how much capacity you have. Download this episode

056: Invest in What Matters – Structure and Orthotics

This episode we're adding a short discussion from last weeks "pillows" episode. Then we transition into our main topic: orthotics. I'm sure you've heard the saying before "if you don't use it, you lose it." There's a lot of truth to that! Learn how we're not even using our feet for what they were designed for! Download this episode

055: Invest in What Matters- Pillows

What makes us different than most doctors is that we actually take the time to figure out what caused the problem in the first place. That goes for pillows too! They can be the cause of many problems but you can be proactive and find the pillow that suites your body. Download this episode

054: Distraction vs. Relaxation

This episode is some serious food for thought! Doing things you enjoy most likely actually isn't really relaxing you. Yes, you read that right! Instead it's a distraction. There are signs to tell if you are actually relaxed! Download this episode

053: Smartphones and Brains

Look around and there's a good chance someone is on their smartphone. It's the new normal. There are consequences though and it isn't just text neck! Learn about how it's affecting your brain in multiple ways. Download this episode

052: Sherman Students

We have some very special guests from Sherman School of Chiropractic on this episode! I'm picking their brains about our office, chiropractic care, and reminding them to always ask why and be fully present! Take a listen... Download this episode