053: Smartphones and Brains

Look around and there's a good chance someone is on their smartphone. It's the new normal. There

052: Sherman Students

We have some very special guests from Sherman School of Chiropractic on this episode! I'm pickin

051: Understanding Stress and its Effects

How do you tackle your stress? Most people have a difficult time defining stress and yet they cl

050: Narrow Minded Doctoring

Fully understanding the potential of something such as a vitamins multiple benefits sometimes re

049: Let’s Talk About Health (part 1)

So let's talk about health! We're close to the end of the flu epidemic. I've been reading how st

048: Invest In What Matters: Time & Money

Two very important things in life: time and money. Why is it more common for people to go all in

047: Invest in What Matters: Define Health

What is your personal definition of health? How does that compare to the TRUE meaning of health?

046: Invest In Your Shoes

What you invest in ACTUALLY matters and your shoes are no exception! In this episode, you'l

045: Wonders of D

Bullpen Science takes the approach of team-based wellness to another level. Dr. Richard Apl