Is Your Brain Being Rewired?

Food addiction. There’s more science behind this than people realize, and as if it weren’t bad enough with the inevitable dark cloud of obesity lingering overhead, we’ve learned it’s connected to digital addiction. Oh, great! The exact same part of the brain that is stimulated by digital addiction [aka checking social media every 2 minutes or even working on a computer all day] is also stimulated by food temptation. Yikes. We could be in some real trouble.  

Overuse of Electronics Leads to Less Self-Control

We don’t want to be Debbie-downers here, but we feel compelled to share some research we’ve discovered that could affect your health in a negative way. It might not be such a huge deal, but considering it involves digital habits that we as humans have developed heavily within the past fifteen years, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. Not to be ‘Captain Obvious’, but the excessive use of electronics and being stagnant for periods of time leads to inactivity. That’s not a huge secret, but something new we did find was that switching between digital devices throughout the day [hand raised in guilt] can impair your self-control. This rewiring of the brain is dangerous because it causes people to favor reward rather than self-control, affecting how people interact with others as well as their relationship with food. Talk about deep.  

The Research

A recent survey and study conducted at Rice University wanted to determine whether there was a link between obesity and the abuse of electronics or digital devices. They found that the same parts of the brain that showed heightened activity during digital activity was also stimulated by pictures of junk foods. The connection is real, and the details of that particular study can be found here for you to read. Our brains are powerful machines, and we should pay attention to these types of connection questions when they come up. Don’t dismiss them with regularity but understand them and respect them for the sake of your health.  

What Now?

We’re human. We’re going to do what we do. The truth is we can’t control the things that happen in the world, but we can choose how we respond. So, how do we respond to receiving information like this? We can tweak our habits to benefit our health. We can prioritize our time spent to benefit our health. Strengthening our will power can go a long way to help manage a potential crisis down the road. We’re not saying to throw your phones out the window. We are saying to pay attention to how you interact with your phone and other electronic devices. It could save your future self some health grief.