The Truth About Cholesterol

If we were to ask you what the bigger myth was between Big Foot and cholesterol, surely it’d be Bigfoot, right? Come on, there are some pretty sketchy images of that hairy beast in the wild. So what about cholesterol? Should it really be in the same category as the mythical monsters?Absolutely, cholesterol is being pitched as a myth because most research tells the public that any cholesterol number higher than two hundred is too high. That’s just not true. But it’s pushing more people than ever to be on medicine that lowers their cholesterol without even knowing the problem it’s causing.

Cholesterol 101

Maybe all you’ve heard about cholesterol is that it shouldn’t be high or you’ll die. Cholesterol gets a bad rap too often when in reality our body actually needs cholesterol.

What exactly is cholesterol?

It’s a stress response hormone that your body actually produces. Eighty percent of your cholesterol is produced by your body. You only get twenty percent of your cholesterol from what you eat, which is still important, but that ratio should tell you how important cholesterol is to your body.

Why exactly is cholesterol important to my body? 

The role of cholesterol in your body actually does a lot, from creating vitamin D to estrogen and testosterone.

What makes up my cholesterol score?

Your cholesterol score is the sum of your “Good” cholesterol + “Bad” cholesterol + 20% of your Triglycerides. 

The Mixed Message of Cholesterol

Here’s the problem. We NEED cholesterol to help keep our brain and heart alive, yet people are on medicine that lowers their cholesterol. That’s a huge disconnect. So what’s going to happen if you are on a medicine that keeps your body from producing cholesterol when cholesterol is what helps your body fight stress among other vital jobs?Brace yourself for this one. You will end up either developing heart disease, having a heart attack, or possibly even developing dementia or Alzheimer due to the fat in your brain being destroyed. Let that sink in.More people are on cholesterol medicine than ever yet more people are dying from heart disease than ever. Hello! Common sense says that something doesn’t add up here. We’re here to put common sense back into healthcare. Not to mention that cholesterol medicine is also causing lower back pain, ankle pain, knee pain, and any joint pain really. Bottom line, cholesterol and the medicine associated with it have an impact.Our job is to educate, inspire, and motivate and we want you to get the truth about cholesterol. Contact us today and ask us your questions.